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09/17/2023 Sunday EM Service

Set List

Let Your Glory Fall (E)

Turn It Up (E)

Revelation Song (B,C,D)

Progression and details

Let Your Glory Fall (E)

Intro - Drums, EG, Pad, Synth, BG

V1 - AG, Drums, Pads, BG

C - No Rhythm, EG, AG

Intro - Drums, EG, Pad, Synth, BG

V2 - AG, Drums, Pads, BG

C - EG, AG, Stronger

C - extra measure

Bridge - Strong Bass, add EG at the end

Bridge - Full Band

C - pad, AG, no rhythm, cym

C - pad, AG, cyms

Turn it Up (E)

Intro - Synth - > add EG, Bass and drums


PC -

C - EG louder

V2 - Hear the sound (pause)

PC - This is prophetic (pause)

C -

C -


Bridge -

Bridge - Add EG strong rhythm

Bridge - with shout of praise

C - Rhythm & Vocal, section Make it Louder

C - FullEnding with IV

Revelation Song

Intro - D/// Am/// C/// G///

V1 - Piano, PadV - Add Drums, BG, AG

C - strong EG

interlude 4 measures

V2 - simple rhythm , piano, AG, BG -> EG (blessing)


interlude 4 measures

V3 - soft, piano, EG first line only


V3 - add Drums -> add EG (Jesus name)


C - praise to the king of kings 4th beat up to G/B

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